CLT Build


Unlike other building materials, wood is a renewable resource that grows naturally, right here in Québec’s forests. It also has a lower environmental impact than other materials in terms of energy, climate change and air pollution.



Solid wood panels are as strong as concrete but five times lighter—they are even 15 times lighter than steel— meaning less weight on the foundation and ground supporting the building.

Thermal insulation and resistance to fire

Wood is more resistant to heat loss than other materials: seven times more than concrete and 500 times more than steel. It therefore takes less energy to heat and cool buildings built of wood. CLT solid wood panels also deliver good acoustic performance that complies with the existing standards. Using CLT solid wood in a building increases its fire resistance and lowers the propagation risk, as heat has very little impact on the strength of wood.

Efficient construction

Prefabricated panels cut to the required dimensions are delivered to the site, and the openings for doors and windows are cut to an accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter using computer numerical control (CNC) precision machinery. Everything is planned and organized so the building can be erected quickly.

Health and aesthetics

Did you know that the presence of wood indoors promotes better health for a building’s occupants? In addition to knowing that they live in a home built with a renewable material, urbanites can now comfortably enjoy wood’s pleasant surface temperature and its ability to temper sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Not to mention the character that the majestic wood posts and beams add to the interior of their condominiums.